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White honey

White honey
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 White honey belongs to number of the most valuable and best grades of honey. Striped toilers make this type of a bee product from nectar of chartreuse color of a linden. For high melliferous qualities this deciduous tree in the people nicknamed the queen of melliferous plants. And the linden absolutely justifies this honourable "title": from the nectar collected from one blossoming tree, bees produce about 16 kg of honey, and from the whole hectare of the blossoming lindens - 1 ton and more.

the linden blossoming in June - July, grows almost on all territory of the country. The nectar collected in the thick of the lime wood, as a rule, is processed by bees on the apiaries placed in environmentally friendly Ukrainian regions. Such white honey has the mass of curative properties. And the hugest woods of a fine - leaved linden with centenary big trees give the chance to enjoy monoflorny honey of the highest class.

This product differs in generally light yellow or light - amber shade, but sometimes it has an unusual greenish - gray color which is explained by getting into structure of this sticky sweet of padevy honey. More rich yellow color buys white honey in that case when it has impurity of honey flower.

Light color, transparency and strongly expressed pleasant taste are inherent in Svezhevykachenny white honey (sometimes with an unostentatious slightly bitter taste). Having They say, tried this product once, then you will not confuse it with one other grade of honey. And resistant fragrant aroma of this sweet reminds a heavy scent of the blossoming lime woods.

Depending on geographical area in which the bee product is received it can differs according to some physical and chemical characteristics a little. For example, the Ufa white honey is colourless and at crystallization becomes white, and Amur - rather turbid - yellow.

Along with heather white honey is the most sweet: it contains about 36% of glucose and about 40% of fructose. At long storage (over 3 months) this type of honey crystallizes in almost white firm coarse - grained weight. Artificial, that is "lime" honey long time remains liquid and does not crystallize.

Structure and useful properties of white honey

This product, besides excellent taste and inimitable aroma, has still a set of curative advantages. Its nutrition value is caused by the high content of such enzymes as diastases, peroxidases, catalases, invertaz and lipases. White honey contains carotene, vitamins K, E and groups B, many useful minerals and biologically active agents.

Thanks to such structure this fragrant product has a wide range of medical application. Most often it is used as excellent cold medicine, white honey possesses strong sudorific, anti - inflammatory and febrifugal action. This bee elixir is irreplaceable at laryngitis, quinsy, tracheitis, bronchial asthma, irritation of a throat, cold and ORZ. It promotes an otkhozhdeniye of phlegms at diseases of respiratory organs and serves as the excellent all - strengthening means.

Antibacterial properties of white honey are used also in treatment of gastrointestinal diseases: he helps to remove inflammatory processes and to improve a condition of a liver, kidneys and a gall bladder. By the way, to this product svoystven easy laxative effect.

White honey is especially recommended to people with diseases of cardiovascular and nervous systems: he reduces stress and tension, fights against sleepless nights, improves a metabolism.

This fragrant liquid sweet shows the medical qualities also at external application. White honey, having strong wound healing abilities, helps to cure eczemas, burns, purulent inflammations and different wounds. Action of this product of effectively rather gramotritsatelny and grampolozhitelny microorganisms, trichomonads, amoebas and infusorians.

Kind of honey:Linden
Information is up-to-date: 25.03.2021

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